First a rant…

I actually had to make a list of all the bittering and ranting I need to do. There’s so much, I’m falling behind and I don’t want to forget to cover any of it.

So of course something completely trivial came up this morning and made me need to burst out a quick rant just for the sake of ranting.

I approve pretty much every comment that gets thrown at my postings. I think people should be able to say whatever they want to about my postings, right up close and personal, flattering or not. (One great thing about Daily Kos, where I’ve been doing still more ranting lately, is that you don’t have the option of saying no to comments. People can wander in and say whatever the heck they want to, provided they have an account.)

I say “pretty much” because there have been two comments I didn’t put through. One was an entry to the Let’s Talk Like That Extra Reading Guy contest. The writing was so nasty that either the entrant really is Mr. Extra Reading himself, in which case I’m not letting him post because he might give my blog the clap; or he’s so good at imitating him that he scares me.

The other comment came in just this morning. It was in response to “The Case Against Jesse Scaccia.”

Here’s most of the comment. I’m leaving out some pertinent information for reasons I’ll explain in a minute. I’m not leaving out capitalization and punctuation; they were never there to begin with.

“So worried he will be elected to Council what a horrific blow to homeschoolers everywhere that would be he will be at … on … come and share what you know/ask him questions/most people have NO CLUE about his stances”

Let me see if I have this straight.

I’m angry because Jesse Scaccia set about purposely and publicly insulting homeschoolers.

I’m more angry because he took great joy in how annoyed homeschoolers were by his words.

The closest he came to an apology was an article he wrote suggesting a “solution” to homeschooling.

He only expressed public regret regarding his posting when he decided to run for office and his words came back to bite him in the butt.

He only expressed this regret on other people’s blog postings. Though he’s one of two administrators for the blog in question, he hasn’t posted an apology there; nor has he said anything on his FB page or “I’m running for office!” web site.

I don’t like people who hurt other people because 1. they think it’s fun and 2. they can get away with it, so 3. why not.

I don’t like people who hurt other people because they think those people can never hurt them back so see above re why not.

Jesse Scaccia is guilty of all of the above.

I’m still on his mailing list, so he’s terminally stupid to boot.

These are perfectly important things to know about a political candidate.

I don’t live in Norfolk, VA. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be obligated to give a balanced view of any or all of the candidates in their election.

If it’s not pretty bloody obvious that I’m not here to give Scaccia ad space, someone tell me how to make it more so.

What if the abovementioned commenter had phrased things a little differently? Like this, for instance?

“I understand how angry Scaccia’s posting made you and the rest of the homeschooling community. That’s completely understandable, and I’m not excusing or condoning his behavior in any way. However, this election is about a lot of very important issues. I think it’s crucial for Norfolk voters to have a thorough understanding of what each candidate plans to do if elected. If you’d like to ask some questions, Jesse will be appearing at…”

I would have really hated it if someone had sent me something like that, because I don’t think I could have refused to post it even though it would mean some free advertising for his campaign.

It’s no good asking now, by the way. Let the record state that I’m now officially closed when it comes to positive publicity on Scaccia’s behalf.

But I’d just like Karin Asin, if that’s his or her real name, to know that her comment didn’t cast me into any ethical dilemma at all.

You started off sarcastic and bitchy. Which is my department on this blog, thank you.

You went on to insult my intelligence by assuming I’d fail to notice a blatant ad for your candidate’s event.

Weirdly enough, I’m not even remotely tempted to click “approve” on your comment.

But I think I deserve a few huzzah-for-free-speech points for letting you have most of your say anyway.

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